Signs Your Drain is Blocked: Useful Tips from LocalDrains

Many homeowners often overlook their drainage systems until they manifest a problem. Slow water drainage, water back-up, strange sounds or odours are not something you want to experience in your home or business premises. Yet these issues can suddenly arise, causing your day to day activities to come to a halt. Recognising the early signs of a blocked drain can save you a lot of trouble and costly repairs. In this blog, we, at LocalDrains, share some useful tips to help you identify these signs and what to do about them.

The first telltale sign of a blocked drain is slow water drainage. This is typically the earliest symptom, and it may not seem like a significant problem at first. However, if it’s left unchecked, it could rapidly escalate into a severe issue that could be costly to address. You might notice this when the sink takes longer to drain or the water in the shower gradually accumulates around your feet.

A more severe symptom of a blocked drain is a noticeable water back-up. Often, you’ll first hear a gurgling sound before water starts backing up out of the drain. This typically happens when you flush the toilet, run your washing machine or dishwasher. If you notice water appearing in your sinks, tub, or shower out of nowhere, you likely have a blocked drain.

Next, a foul smell might be the unpleasant herald of a blocked drain. When a blockage occurs, it typically traps food debris, grease, and other substances which, over time, start to decay, emitting a pungent odour. If there’s a persistent blocked drains localdrains nasty smell which gets stronger when you run water down the drain, it’s best to contact a drain expert as soon as possible.

Unusual sounds are another sign your drain could be blocked. This often pairs with slow drainage or water back-up. Listen out for gurgling or bubbling noises when you empty a sink or bathtub, or flush the toilet. These noises are created when air trapped in the pipes by the blockage is suddenly displaced.

Lastly, if you notice a sudden change in your water levels, it could indicate a blocked drain. If the water rises to unusual levels when you flush, or drains away almost instantly, this could be a sign of a near blockage.

If you observe any of these symptoms, it’s essential not to ignore them. Blocked drains can lead to more significant issues such as ruptured pipes, which are both time-consuming and expensive to fix. At the same time, do not be tempted to resolve the problem on your own using drain cleaner chemicals. These substances can cause considerable damage to your pipes over time.

Instead, call in the experts from LocalDrains. Our team has the expertise and the right tools to accurately diagnose and effectively clear your blocked drains, sparing you from the stress and disruption caused by faulty drains. Remember, the key to preventing extensive damage from blocked drains starts with vigilance and prompt action. Trust the drain experts to keep your drainage system working smoothly.